Laravel has evolved manifold as a PHP framework since its release 2011 and is now considered to be a champion framework by the web developers. Laravel is the platform for all, from APIs to small and basic web apps. Its extensive set of libraries and organised architecture makes it effortlessly easy to create amazing websites or web applications using standard code. However, every Laravel developer must be well aware of the interesting ways to tweak the application so that it scores a good position in the internet search engines. Moving ahead, here we discuss some of the quintessential features of the framework which makes the development of a feature-rich and functional website or application as easy as pie.

#1 MVC architecture support

Laravel comes with MVC architecture that ensures a clear separation between logic and presentation. In other words, MVC help in enhancing performance, quick documentation and support a wide range of functionalities.

#2 Application logic

One can use it for any kind of web application they want for their business, either using controllers or by utilising the Syntax to implement directly into route declarations. The framework offers immense advantages to the developers, providing them with enough flexibility to create the smallest websites to large-sized enterprise applications.

#3 Blade templating engine

The blade templating engine always sets Laravel apart from all other frameworks and is extremely convenient to deploy. It gives the power to developers to use typical code of PHP to a large extent with immense comfort.

#4 Top-notch security

Laravel applications assure you of great security of data with minimal chances of hacks and data thefts. Its authentication ways are way more simple and provide a plain-sailing way to decide the authorisation logic and complete access to the application’s resources. Furthermore, for top-notch security, Laravel makes uses of the salted and hashed passwords, meaning that texts would not be saved simply as texts in the database.

#5 Unit-testing

Unlike any other trending PHP frameworks, Laravel has its own built-in testing support. Its unit-testing system helps developers to test all the features separately and fix the bugs discovered at once.

With ample of excellent PHP frameworks playing their part in the market, Laravel stood out as a reigning framework because of its robust feature-set and ease-of-use. Without putting any strains on the pockets of the owners and on the job of the developers, it aids in delivering A-one web applications for businesses. While most developers believe that building a web app or websites is a creative, engaging and thrilling experience, Laravel stands to this belief of theirs! Thus, anyone willing to set their foothold in the internet era with a robust and out-of-the-box web application without burning a hole in the pocket, then there’s no better choice of framework than Laravel.

Rob Stephen is an experienced and hard-working programmer at PHPProgrammers, a full-scale web development company in Australia of an eminent position that offers businesses to Hire Laravel Programmers and other PHP programmers at an inexpensive pricing. He works for PHPProgrammers for more than 5 Years, has an immeasurable hold on Laravel, Symfony, Zend and other major frameworks. You can follow the Facebook page for new ideas, news and web development trends.

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