When you want to build a website for your online business, you have two options available. First is to develop a website from scratch and other is to use clone scripts. Clones make it possible to replicate the concept of a well-known website and add improved design and functionality as per your requirement. In recent times, many entrepreneurs are using this idea to start their businesses with ease. The six key benefits of using ready-made scripts for your online business are listed below.

1. Time

When you are starting a new venture, you aim to enter the market as quickly as possible. A website clone script reduces your development time. It saves you from the complete software development life cycle, which can at times take months or years to complete. As you don’t need to do coding from scratch, you can reap the benefits of quick time-to-market.

2. Cost

Developing a website from scratch will lead to higher costs of development. Scripts are not only quick to build but also cost you less. As you will take the concept as well as the features from an already established website, you will be able to save resources and money.

3. Planning

A lot of thought and planning goes behind developing a website from scratch. Clone, on the other hand, eliminates all the planning and market research on development, design, testing, etc. and makes deployment easier and faster.

4. Coding Knowledge

You needn’t be proficient in programming languages to use scripts. They are ready-made, built with cutting-edge technologies. Additionally, some of them also offer customization as per your needs and target market.

5. Demand

The website you will build will already be well-known in the market. This will increase the chances of the popularity of your business as well. Creating something that is already successful in the market ensures it has sufficient demand and leads to quick brand visibility.

6. Competition

There is a cut-throat competition in the market, with high entry barriers for startups. By using website scripts, you can jump-start your business easily and gain a competitive advantage.

Online businesses choose to get a clone when they want to build an application that is already popular among users. This enables them to leverage the benefits offered by such platforms at an affordable price. Some of the scripts also allow adding customized features to match the needs of businesses. You can change the graphics, replace information and add content as per your requirement. Website clones are therefore a perfect solution for startups, who want to save their money as well as time in their initial stage.

ClonesCloud is a clone scripts and web development company offering top-notch business solutions to clients across the globe. Our dynamic team of professionals has expertise in creating world-class software and solutions to meet clients’ diverse IT requirements and beat the competition. We have successfully delivered high-quality clone scripts with added customizations, ensuring 100% customer satisfaction.

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How to choose the right E-commerce development company for your website?

Search for the accompanying things while choosing an e-commerce development company to wind up with the best.

E-commerce business skill and experience

The organization you are thinking about to procure for building your e-commerce site must have a decent learning and aptitude in the field. Presently, you have to comprehend that mastery and experience are two altogether different things. The organization must have the correct engineers, planners and other faculty having great internet business abilities, learning, and additionally preparing and they should have beforehand taken a shot at a few, if relatively few, comparable site improvement ventures. They ought to have the capacity to give the work tests to oblige it.

Project Portfolio

On the off chance that the organization really has the experience they claim to have, they ought to likewise have a task portfolio where you can investigate the undertakings they have just made. Make a point to search for and additionally investigate the undertakings that match your own particular e-commerce site venture. On the off chance that they have already taken a shot at such a site and in the event that you are happy with the work, you can proceed with the following procedure.

Improvement Process, Innovation and Devices

The site improvement process took after by an organization can enlighten a considerable measure concerning their insight and skill of the field and how the site will be produced. In this way, try to look at the specialized foundation and aptitudes of their engineers to check whether they are appropriate for your task. Make inquiries about the advances, apparatuses, stages (web based business CMS), modules and programming dialects they use for the plan and improvement of the e-commerce destinations.

Cost of Improvement

Despite the fact that you ought to dependably lean toward the nature of work over the value, regardless it doesn’t imply that should enlist a truly expensive firm whom you can’t pay without anyone else. This is the reason it is essential to search for a web improvement organization which you can really manage. On the off chance that you explore sufficiently hard, you can at present figure out how to discover a good e-commerce development agency in your financial plan without compromising with the quality.

Conveyance time

A decent advancement organization will dependably say a due date for the undertaking by when they hope to complete your task and convey it to you. In the event that you require it sooner, you can state the same to the organization. Remember to inquire as to whether they don’t convey the venture on time.

Customer Audits and Tributes

After you are finished conversing with the organization or before you get in touch with them in any case, make certain to discover and read their customer tributes. The tributes given on the organization site will generally say great things in regards to the organization and their administrations, so it is savvy to search for surveys on different destinations and places, for example, Google audits, Glassdoor, and so forth. You can even request that the organization give contact data of their customers on the off chance that you wish to confirm the data with them.

Correspondence and Support

Numerous customers overlook this when settling on an organization toward the start of the undertaking, yet this is a similarly essential factor as the ones specified previously. A decent improvement organization will offer you adequate intends to speak with them as well as the engineers dealing with your undertaking some time recently, amid and after the advancement procedure. They ought to be effectively reachable at whatever point you have to give an information or propose something for the continuous undertaking. The organization should likewise have a vigorous customer bolster and after-support framework to deal with your upkeep and change demands.

Security Insurance

The organization you are deciding for your e-commerce site advancement must will to consent to a non-revelation arrangement to secure the protection of your thoughts, content, pictures (on the off chance that you give any), and any talk as well as trade of information that occurred amongst you and the organization. They should likewise give you the total control and responsibility for site once it is ponied up all required funds by you.

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Shopify provides everything you are looking for or need from end to end. This cloud-based ecommerce platform powers more than 175,000 businesses in over 150 countries. Shopify is a one-stop shop for merchants, particularly small to medium-sized who want to leverage all their digital channels with one tool. There are plenty of reasons on why shopify is the best platform for ecommerce.

Start Your Ecommerce Business Promptly With Shopify

You want to start an ecommerce business but do not have a lot of money to invest in startup costs. This is where Shopify comes handy and you can get access to plenty of tools such as the business name generator, business card maker, terms, and conditions generator, slogan creator, business loan and profit margin calculators and many others. Apart from these tools, you can use many other tools you can use once your ecommerce business is set-up and running. For example-Invoice generator, Gift certificate templates, Shipping labels, Image resizer, Pay stubs, etc

Shopify App Store

Shopify provides a large number of additional things in the Shopify App Store, These things let you to additionally use most of your business equipment and promoting channels and information. Regardless of whether you need to incorporate your bookkeeping programming and connect your email promoting with MailChimp, synchronize your client administration and deals endeavors, or extend your marketplace simply by offering on leading online marketplaces. You’ll discover applications for Accounting, Marketing, Sales, Customer service, Inventory, Social media, and Reporting.

Abandoned Cart Recovery

What if a visitor visits your store online and places an item is his or her shopping basket but leaves without buying it? Do you know 70 % potential customers do this? With help of Shopify, you can send reminder messages to these customers to complete their purchase.

Own Payment Gateway

Shopify, a complete ecommerce has integrated with lots of payment gateways but provides its own as well. So, if you use this then you will not incur any transaction fees as well as will get benefit from lower credit card fees as well. You can use it without a merchant account.


Shopify’s starter package comes at a very affordable price. The very little monthly cost of Shopify is one of the key reasons that small store owners start a Shopify store. It also provides free day trial to ensure people try it at least once.So, if you want to develop your online store, then hire a Shopify development company.

SAM Web Studio leading Ecommerce Website Development Company. Hire the best Shopify Development Company in India to innovate your ebusiness.

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The online business industry has made it indispensable to create a virtual identity. As a result, business owners are trying to form an online presence to spread information about their brands, products and services. Whether you are an entrepreneur or own a company, reaching out to a large number of targeted consumers is only possible with the help of a website. It adds to the credibility of your brand, creates an impression on customers and helps you survive in the tough competition.

Nowadays, having a functional site is a prerequisite for any business. It helps in engaging potential audiences, capturing a wider market and converting visitors into customers. However, choosing a website development company can be daunting. So, what are the right steps for selecting the best firm? Let’s have a look:

·A Clear Focus:

At times, business owners leave the entire design and development of the agency. But it can be a mistake! You should always put forward your business aims and objectives for them to understand. It will help you get the look and functionalities you want while creating brand awareness. However, you can always request the company to provide their best solutions as per your business needs.

·Set Your Budget:

After you have selected the company, determine the budget. It is obvious that you want to have the best, but you should only invest what’s in your business budget. It is important to understand the importance of value vs. cost to get the best services. List the important functions of to get rid of unwanted prices.

·CMS is the Key to Success:

If you do not understand CMS, it is time to know about it. CMS or Content Management System is software that offers the option to edit and post anything you want on a site. Small businesses are known to use it but it is common for every size of organization. If you don’t have CMS, it can lead to more expense in the future if you plan to change the content.

·Check for Accomplishment:

An organization’s solid record of accomplishment isn’t determined by their performance. The experience matter, not their long period of service. So, it wiser to look at the accomplishment in relation to the industry your business operates in. Always, look for their performance data and testimonials. Communication is crucial to understand the methods of the company to make wise decisions.

·All in One:

One of the best aspects of a long-term working relationship is hosting support. However, there are many secondary services that make your website stand out from the crowd. Amongst them digital marketing, copywriting and graphics design plays a key role. All these will eventually lead your business to success.

Therefore, an entrepreneur should invest in a reliable and trustworthy organization like Elphill Technology. It is one of the fastest growing web design and ecommerce development company. They are known to offer genuine and professional services within a budget to leverage and expand your online business.

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Microsoft SharePoint was initially established as a platform for building websites and web-based applications effortlessly. SharePoint can also do a number of things, and that has effectively contributed to SharePoint’s success as a product.
Today, SharePoint is a powerful business tool. The functions of SharePoint help boost profitability, correspondence, and collaboration; three key performance areas in every firm. Through SharePoint, clients can download records, communicate with employees, alter work and oversee schedules. Generally, it can be seen as a unified online location for your business and best of whatever it can be adjusted to fit accordingly to your needs.

In this article, let’s discuss how a SharePoint can help the finance team by fulfilling the duties such as accounting, forecasting, finance management, environment providing and reporting.

IT Infrastructure:
Every organization has numerous application build on different platforms, it causes typical issues such as no integration with each other, association between applications requires custom data connectors, distinctive storage places lead to information duplication, and searching through all information stockpiles turn out to be practically impossible. The difference in the nature of UIs for every application makes it hard to switch between the applications. Administration and support of every one of those applications require an IT department and team with various skills and, consequently, enormous IT expenses.

It’s not a mystery that budgets are tight these days, and IT is being asked to deliver more, yet by methods for the same or fewer resources. SharePoint gives an opportunity to unite different applications on the same platform and offers mind-blowing features such as:

• Common platform for Business-Critical Applications.
• Collaboration with data stored in different lines of business applications.
• Use workflows to control and track business forms.
• Display business intelligence information in interactive dashboards.
• Secure information in a centrally managed repository.
• Permit searching of data.

The world is becoming more and more digitized with an ever increasing number of users utilizing tablets and cell phones. SharePoint was initially designed to use with browsers, both on the desktop and on mobile platforms. In this way, the employees have access to the important information and can manage their time efficiently, which builds the productivity and competitiveness of the organization.

Generally, everyday routine operations were based (and depended) on conventional email for correspondences. A huge amount of email comes every day and chances are high that you’ll miss something truly important.
SharePoint offers a client focused dashboard at a single entry point: declarations, current tasks, assignments on day by day bases, occasions and meeting calendar, and so on. All planning and control procedures such as budget, forecast and report completion can be united and organized. You can choose to view your own assignments with all the timesheets and deadlines.

Budget Planning:
Budget planning is a work process that comprises of a number of tasks be performed by the group consequently or in parallel with budget completion: purchase, sales, HR, manufacturing, lead times, project management.
The budget website offers the best practice for spending forms. Ad-hoc website offers access control, search facilities, document storage, collaboration and so on. Team work is sorted out utilizing a SharePoint tasks list. This list contains set of tasks issued for the arrangement of an annual budget that is catered for allocating assignments through the group.

Forecasting is an activity that is based on knowledge built throughout the years and its quality relies upon the fullness and accuracy of data. It is very important to have full and organized data in a single place and should absorb knowledge and intelligence from the organization.
SharePoint has a compelling enterprise search engine. It not only offers to search the whole portal labels and keywords but also file shares, exchange folders, office web applications etc. The search results are shown in a very much organized order with a preview so that you can ensure that you will find all fundamental, genuine, relevant and full data.

Period closure:
This operation is performed 12-13 times each year and ought to be computerized as much as possible. This is a formal operation comprising of a number of tasks that should be done carefully.
SharePoint offers a Vision-based period closure dashboard. It visualizes the procedure workflow, duties and state of the tasks. SharePoint also delivers essential tasks such as audit trail, developments, tracing, alerts and much more.

SharePoint offers a rich set of services for reporting. SharePoint offers complete instrumentation for plain, 3D-charts and power pivot reports representation. Reports are based on-the-fly and always show real-time images.

Visit Aufait website to know how their developers can help your finance team with SharePoint and get started with SharePoint framework extensions.

Aufait ( )is a leading IT services company focusing on SharePoint, Airlines and Mobility. We are professional Microsoft SharePoint Designers and Consultants. We also provide solutions like Intranet/ extranet, tender management, appraisal management, enterprise content management, Office365, intranet starter pack etc. Our services include Drupal, Enterprise mobility, BI, Business Workflow/Process Automation, Professional services and much more

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Managing the procedure of tenders can be tedious and extremely time-consuming. Be it any administrative authority or procurement committee official of a public organization, they invest enormous energy and time in preparation of tender documents. The procedure includes starting a tender draft, sharing with higher officials for their feedback, making vital modifications and requires to and fro communication. At the point when these things are done physically or on email, the procedure takes a long time and is exceptionally inefficient. The tender management system will make it simple for the business to deal with every tender and related things.

A tender management system is fundamentally a software that allows managing tender to be simple and more effective. The key benefits of having and using a tender management software is that it saves time, brings accountability and a central document repository. The tender management software will make it simple for the business to deal with every tender and things that are related to this. Ttender Management systems are basic filing mechanisms that allows organizations and their suppliers to review and bid documentation, alongside, any inquiries and solutions that have been submitted in connection with the offer.

Here we investigate how smart automation and programming improves the tender administration process:

• Vendor Registration: Vendors interested in participating in the tender must register with their credentials. The vendors can register or update the existing registration information electronically with the help of e-Registration system.

• Dynamic and Configurable Approval:

The tender document requires competent approval before it is distributed for the bidders. The approval procedure may require diverse experts and steps, however. The electronic tender administration framework enables the clients to characterize their approval mechanism and authority sequence. when a document is sent for approval, the framework prompts the authority. The time taken in authorizing and approving the record is additionally documented at each step. This diminishes the delay and enables the management to track the bottlenecks.

• Collecting Tender Response: At the point when the tender record is approved by the relevant authority, the tender is then distributed for the bidders. The document might be distributed on the web for the bidders and available for download. In case the document needs to be bought, the payment gateway is coordinated to the system. Once the bidders make the payments, they would be able to download the document.

• Arrange Pre-Bid Meetings, and Clarifications:

The tender management system enables the clients to track every single step in the process. The management can arrange a pre-bid meeting for utilizing the tender management systems. The notification emails are sent to all the tenderers. All data is recorded for the administration. Every single detail of the invitees, pre-bid inquiries, minutes of meeting etc. are composed of tender management software.

• Decision Making: In here, all the records are bundled and organized at a single location. The finalized contract after the tender is granted for the bidder is also kept. The agreement renewal is followed, bank guarantee, agreement etc. are finalized. The renewals for the agreements and contract are sent to the bidders.

• Review and Feedback:

The tender management platform influences the review and feedback process consistent. The tender draft can be sent for a special review; the analyst is consequently tagged and alerted by the system. The author receives a notification if any modification is done to the tender document. The refined versioning control, audit, and feedback system makes tender drafting productive.

• Record Versioning:

The tender document includes various corrections and versioning which can be monotonous to keep up physically. The tender administration framework consequently creates a new version with some relevant changes. Individuals can utilize this platform to browse all records, download PowerPoint, word, excel documents, upload the files to a single central repository.

• Audit Trail:

A full Audit trail of the considerable changes, updations, and activities relating to the tender document are maintained. This empowers the organization to track all activities and events related with the tenders. The corrigendum for published tenders is also issued from this platform. The corrigendum is notified to the bidders via e-mails. The latest version and updates are accessible to everyone associated with the process.

• Access Control and Security:

Security is the most pivotal and basic component in handling tender documents. With the tender management system, data is encoded and put away on exceedingly secured servers. Only employees with privileges are issued to access tender documents. The document versioning and trail data also record all changes done in the system. This permits tight access control and secrecy for tender document process.

• Tender Templates:

The tender drafting and documentation are complex. The drafting team can use formats from the framework. So, when another tender document should be drifted, an existing template might be picked. The pre-populated template can have a basic agenda of things required for finishing the document like criteria for minimum eligibility, goals, the scope of work, annexures to be submitted by bidders. These tender templates reduce the aggregate time taken for drafting the documents.

With tender process mechanization and digitization, the whole procedure from drafting to awarding the agreement can be overseen productively. This not only enhances the time required for rolling out tenders but also minimizes record keeping endeavors for the staff. The internal messaging, criticism and collaboration tools enable groups to oversee tender documentation effortlessly. With a tender administration system, all details and documentation are brought together. The key data relating to tenders can be accessed by the management at anyplace and anytime. All the tender dates, statistics, budgets and other details are available with an advanced digital tender system. All the above-mentioned qualities make tender documents rationalized, structured and paperless.

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In an IKEA shop, a sweet and callow couple turned up with high hopes of buying a mattress for their new found family. But on realising that their desired mattress is out of their budget they decided to leave but on the shop assistant’s lure that the mattress comes with a free mink blanket, they were put in a quandary as to whether buy it or leave it be. The ‘free’ was too alluring for their naive minds that they finally decided to buy it. What they fail to realise is that the very idea of ‘cheap’ doesn’t necessarily mean that it is good or will require your needs/wants.

Even in an immense growing e-commerce world cheap websites can seem enticing and a path to step into the world of e-commerce. To be in the world means you need to have an online presence which is vital for a business growth especially the small businesses, hence it becomes important to have an identity, a face so as to promote a brand, a product or services.

The thing that really makes the delineation between cheap and affordable websites is that cheap websites which are extremely cheap lacks in the quality which on the other hand is the most vital aspect for an e-commerce growth. Cheap websites lack the constant updated credentials and the vast majority of the micro-businesses that use cheap websites use out-of-date technology with no CMS which obstructs them from posting pictures, photos and testimonials which are rudimentary to have a business growing. A lot of the times, users before installing an app or being part of a particular family website go through testimonials that give them the insight into how the app, site is. The testimonies given are like us all,’ users’ and what better source to rely than the one of us. Studies have also revealed that a vast majority of the users are most likely and likely to check out websites that are appealing to the eyes and contents that are good to the mind.

Cheap websites also puts the users risks of being lured into hidden fees and the use of their ability of additional ‘add-ons’ that will pilfer your money. Hence, it is always better to be safe than to be sorry and go with something that you can have profound trust and also one that will not drain your pocket.

The most primary example of affordable website is the WordPress, a noun so well-known to all the online marketers. It is an open source content management system and will help build your desired website at an affordable rate. This affordable web host is easy to use, always constantly updated, known globally and provide the most vital of tools, the SEO’s which will help you be a part of the race. Hence it is better to take advantage of an affordable gift and have a website that are professionally designed websites, have good contents drawing on more users.

A good affordable website is one that is always user friendly meaning it should be compatible on web browsers as well as mobile devices, since the latter is one that is acquired by almost every individual having a mobile-supported website will tremendously help in your growth. Thousands of websites are discarded and becomes of no use because they cannot be in pace with the growing e-commerce world. To be in a world of e-commerce means to be a part of the race.

For more information reach out us at:


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Are you looking for the digital transformation companies in IT sectors? The good news is that many companies are offering such services. Before picking up the right option, one must familiarize with the services and offers. The proper IT services can improve the ranking of your business in the competitive world.

Information Technology has been the “buzz” word smoothening with digital transformation trends. There are many different tools to make your work easier along the Internet technology. Amidst all the speculations, different computer-based systems have made businesses much more accessible. For all kinds of digital transformation work like-Website designing, Mobile Application Development, and Internet marketing have transformed from computer work to supercomputing work. All variety of processes has smoothened with accuracy and perfection regarding Applications. There are a lot of IT services companies carrying out the work in the right way for you.

Benefits of Working in IT service companies:
• One can move quickly in the progress of succession.
• You can get to work with senior professionals in their work.
• You’ll able to forge a close relationship with your team leader.
• You will get more and more to learn, off the track too!
• You will learn about the Inbound and Outbound sales.
• You can move quickly with your ideas.
• You can match yourself in the proper way of functioning.
• You can stretch your creative skills at any point in time.
• It’s adequate training if you ever want to launch a business yourself.

Services- IT Industry

Internet Marketing

With Internet Marketing, it’s about solutions for all your internet marketing dilemmas. The understanding of futuristic competition, the IT services make you make your brand visible across valuable search engines. The reforming industry of IT is into new technologies introduction, Consumers’ habits evolution, with a thinking of making things different.

The Internet marketing approaches include:
1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
2. Pay Per Click Services (PPC).
3. Content Marketing Services.
4. Search Media Optimization/Search Engine Marketing (SMO/SEM) services.

App Development

The proliferation of mobile applications development is of utmost competence offering eminent and quality apps within a committed time frame and finances within your limits. In the different developed and developing countries, the mobile developments services are result oriented initiating from close client’s requirements to app development. This lead to national dominance by connecting power of bondness. From Augmented reality to visual reality, Windows Phone, Microsoft’s next-generation mobile operating system is fast becoming a distinguished substitute to IOS and Android interfaces, have been used in new approaches for smoothening the work efficiency.

The App Development services include:
1. iPhone applications.
2. Android applications.
3. Windows Phone applications.
4. Blackberry applications.

Website Development

People are always looking for creatively designed technically sound prerequisite regarding the websites. The web development is catered for both complicated and straightforward business requisites. An aspect that is thoroughly considered while creating the sites is to use only the futuristic technologies to ensure that the location is visible to the worldwide audiences.

The Website development services comprises of:
• ASP Dot Net development
• PHP development

Website Design

With Website design, you get a hook to the response from technologies to interact with, such as the laptops, desktops and smart devices. The plan has been an inescapable part of this process, with revolutionized people work in chores. Today, for everything that we do, we have a mobile application for it, and the haunting of working on new things doesn’t seem to fade any sooner. It’s all about revamping your web presence from scratch or your already existing website.

The Website design services comprises of:
1. Graphic Design
2. Banner and Logo Design
3. Landing Page Design

By working in IT services companies, you can get high productivity rate, involving equal risks/profits. It’s always working a way to be on the safer side, with stabilizing the work with the fresh mind.

We offer IT Services Companies headquartered in Chandigarh, India. It offers IT Services that helps the clients achieve business goals at lower costs. At Kindlebit Solutions Pvt. Ltd,Chandigarh, we are committed to furnish our clients with long term company gains and benefits. Having expertise in every arena of IT industry, we are steadfast towards achieving excellence and leave a positive impact on our clients.

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Websites are an important platform for businesses. A website allows businesses to showcase what they’re all about. This comes in handy for businesses whose clients from other parts of the world couldn’t make their transactions in person.

Your website can provide you with the otherwise lost opportunity to talk about your products or services at length. It helps you make your potential client see why they should invest in your products or services.

Fortunately, quality website development isn’t reserved solely for bigger corporations anymore. Thanks to the rise of digital marketing companies, ensuring that your content is well-displayed for your potential customers’ viewing pleasure is well possible.

Aside from these agencies, there’s a great tool that has allowed countless websites to flourish without costing their companies thousands -WordPress. So just how does it help you present yourself better to your market?

First of All, It Lets You Make Blog Posts

For a lot of websites, whether the business is selling products or offering services, a blog section is included. This section can be used to showcase testimonials and informational material that helps you show potential clients why you’re the right choice.

You’re Ensured Automatic Updates

Updates are an important aspect for websites to maintain their functionality as well as security. While manual updates are just as effective as automatic updates, the latter allows your site to be updated at the soonest possible time.

With that, even if your web development team is off for the day, you can be assured that your site is being taken care of. When your team is back on the job, with the updates done, they can work on other tasks like improving design.

You Can Add Your Own Personal Flavor

WordPress is open source. This means that while the blog is built with WordPress, you can easily modify it using different plugins and themes to fit your preference. All these allows you to set yourself up a blog that fits your business’s branding without any of it costing you a cent.

It’s Great for/with SEO

Part of being a successful site is being visible. And more often than not, search engine optimization is the key to this. Fortunately, WordPress is quite the SEO-friendly platform. There are free plug-ins like the one from Yoast that help developers keep track of ranking and performance.

Finally, It’s Reliable

A lot of the internet’s most popular sites like The New York Times website and Mashable are WordPress users, so you know you’re in good hands. WordPress is a popular choice for blog-website integration, and for very good reason as evidenced by these sites, and by your site eventually.

WordPress is undeniably a great tool that no business should pass up. It works, it’s adaptable, and best of all, it doesn’t have to cost you anything.

Note, however, that no matter how great WordPress is as a platform, you’re going to need people who have experience working with. If you want to make the most out it, you’ll need people who can make sure that the tools and plug-ins and such are utilized and installed properly.

Worried about having to call a top web development company to do it for you? You’ll be glad to know that with WordPress being a popular choice of blogging platform, most, if not all web developers know how to work with it. All you need to do now is to get in touch with a reliable digital marketing agency to provide you with the WordPress assistance your website needs and go on your way to building a successful site.

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An effective web presence requires a business to have a good website that is SEO and mobile friendly, has responsive coding and that provides an enhanced user experience. Once you have the PSD version of your website ready, the next step is to convert it into HTML. PSD to HTML conversion increases the visibility of the business by creating a user-friendly, pixel perfect website that is responsive, cross-browser compatible and W3C validated. There are several service providers to whom you can outsource your PSD to HTML project. Here are some tips that will guide you through the process and help to get the best value out of outsourcing this work.

Do a thorough research and select an experienced service provider

Before you zero down on a specific company, check the portfolio of their work. Are they experienced to handle your work effectively? Are their work samples impressive? Do their testimonials and reviews create a good impression in your mind? Do they have experienced team members with in depth knowledge of latest techniques? A thorough research will ensure that your first PSD to HTML project is in safe hands.

Be clear about your requirements

It will save a lot of time and energy if you write a clear job description and mention the specific goals that you wish the service provider to achieve. Crisp and clear specifications regarding the functionality of the HTML website will help the service provider to understand the requirements clearly. If you spell out all your requirements regarding each individual feature in the first stage itself it will require minimal updates, modifications and re-works at a later stage and prevent project delays. If you are not sure about any specific feature discuss it with the service provider. Organize your design files properly. Mention if you have a specific time frame or budget in mind.

Communicate your requirements effectively

Once you are clear in your head as to what you want, the next step is to speak out your mind and let the service provider know about each and every detail. If you explain with the help of some examples, it will be easier for the provider to comprehend your requirements. Elucidate the kind of buttons, links, effects and other features you want in your website.

Don’t forget to mention the details

Think about every detail in the website.

  • Let the service provider know if you want any specific fonts to be used. You can even send your own custom font files for the service provider to implement them.

  • Carefully think about the font sizes that will be suitable for mobile screens and laptop screens.

  • Pay attention to the graphic features like the icons to be used. Whether you want to use standard ready-made icons, or design your own using Photoshop, send them to the provider so that it can create a webpage appearance according to your preferences.

  • It is crucial to mention how you want the design to look when the website is viewed from a desktop, smartphone or tablet. Identify how you want to organize your content. Clearly label and list the breakpoints where you want to divide the content into different parts on the page.

Regular communication

Be involved in the entire process actively. Ask the service provider to send regular updates about the status of the project. Send regular feedback during the course of the project. The entire process can go on smoothly and the project can be completed on time and as per requirements, only when the queries of the provider are answered promptly. So check your emails regularly and provide necessary inputs on time.

If you follow the above tips you are sure to get the best results by outsourcing the PSD to HTML project. A carefully thought out organized process will help in completing the project in the best possible manner.

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