• File Time Monitor WordPress Plugin

File Time Monitor WordPress Plugin

Running regular imports? This plugin allows you to quickly see when your import / export or other important files were updated; allowing you to view the “Last Modified Time” of up to 20 files, at a glance – right from the WordPress Dashboard.

If you are running regular imports (through WP All Import, WordPress Importer or similar), this handy tool lets you check on how update your source files are; and is great for diagnosing cron timing mismatches.

Can this work on external files?

If they are on the same physical / virtual server as your WordPress installation, yes.

Can I monitor files over HTTP / HTTPS?

No. PHP is NOT able to access / ascertain what time a file has been modified over HTTP(S)

Can I monitor more than 20 files?

Not in this version of the plugin. We’re working on an update that will allow virtually unlimited files though (stay tuned).

Can I use relative paths?

Yes, but it’s not as reliable. We recommend absolute paths.

How do I find an absolute path?

Typically you can work this out by logging in to your website’s Server Control Panel (cPanel, Parallels, Odin, Plesk, etc), and working through the file system, there.

I have an idea to improve this plugin

Awesome, please hit us up on Twitter, Facebook, or via the support forum.

Did the import fail? Was there a PHP error? Did the cron not fire? Or did that spreadsheet simply not get uploaded?

Diagnosing scheduled imports can be a painful experience. This plugin aims to provide an at-a-glance view of the age of specific files on your server; making it easier to troubleshoot failed routines.