• ResOnline Booking Gadget WordPress Plugin

ResOnline Booking Gadget WordPress Plugin

The ResOnline Booking Gadget allows registered Hotels, Motels, Caravan Parks and other Accommodation Businesses to embed a relatively user-friendly booking widget directly on their website.

This plugin simplifies the process of embedding the ResOnline Booking Gadget by adding a simple shortcode to WordPress, allowing you to add the ResOnline Booking Gadget to any Page, Post or CPT.

Embed a Booking Gadget on Page, Post or CPT
Set a default currency
Set a default search layout (horizontal or vertical)
Switch image previews / thumbnails on and off
Override default settings at a shortcode-level
Set the default number of days / columns displayed 
Change the default Room Name label 
Download Lite from
Coming soon

Can I style the Booking Gadget

Yes, but it’s a bit fiddly at this point. You will need to add custom CSS to your child theme.

Styling options will be coming in a later version of this plugin.

Can I customise "Pro" features on the free version

Yes, you can. This is done at the shortcode level. Eg:

[resonline id="123456" columns="12"]

View a complete list of shortcodes and shortcode attributes here.

I have an idea to improve this plugin

Awesome, please hit us up on Twitter, Facebook, or via the support forum.

Save time and effort

The ResOnline Booking Gadget is a tricky beast to implement correctly on WordPress. Enqueuing the scripts in the correct order, the endless multitudes of code variations and often outdated documentation make it challenging at best.

The plugin drastically simplifies the process by allowing a simple shortcode to be use to create the Gadget scripts.

The Lite version of this plugin allows you to edit just about everything; however the Pro makes it easier to deliver a consistent look across multiple properties and pages (plus, you’d be supporting the Dev’s, which is always nice).