• Bulk Postmeta Editor WordPress Plugin

Bulk Postmeta Editor WordPress Plugin

This easy-to-use plugin allows you to quickly and easily edit post meta values for almost any post type (including custom post types). Edit post meta as plain text, in textareas, as light-weight HTML or using the full WordPress WYSIWYG editor!

From the first version, this has been designed for ease of use by site Contributors and Editors, but keeps settings reserved for Admin’s only. This gives site Adaministrators control over what less-privileged users can bulk edit.

Does this work on custom post types?

Yes! This will work on just about any post type, including custom post types you have defined, or custom post types from other plugins.

Can I edit ACF post meta fields?

Yes! We’ve tested with Advanced Custom Fields (ACF), and it works well.

Can I use this in a commercial project

Yes! We’re professional website builders ourselves, so go for it. If you’d like to send a credit our way, you’re welcome to; but it’s not required.

I have an idea to improve this plugin

Awesome, please hit us up on Twitter, Facebook, or via the support forum.

Updating post meta entries en-masse is a breeze

Sometimes (despite your best efforts) custom fields or post meta needs to be updated across most (or all) of a production site. This plugin allows you to perform this action from a single place, rather than having to do a database update or load / edit each page individually. It even allows you to update hidden post meta fields.