When designing a careers website, the first thing that should be in your mind is whether or not the website is good enough to attract and engage candidates. Though of course a large part of this is down to the content and jobs you’ll be hosting, it’s also important to acknowledge to turn your mind to what features and functionality you should include if you want to stand the best chance of encouraging browsers to apply for your vacancies.

The careers website is changing. Simple portals won’t cut it anymore: today, the buzzword is customer user experience.

Here are some things you should be thinking about.

Fast loading times

People are getting used to an almost-instantaneous service when they browse online. As a result, long loading times- of more than three seconds, really- can turn off candidates, and may encourage them to look elsewhere. Make sure that your new website loads quickly, if you want to keep up with the competition.

Total search

User experience is all about making things as easy and convenient for the candidate as possible. Total, or instant, search is one way in which they can do so. By delivering instant results on jobs and content- and more- in real time, as the user types into the search bar, you’re ensuring that they won’t become disengaged by loading times, and also delivering a pretty cool bit of functionality that will hopefully cement your reputation as somewhere they want to be working.


Personalisation is the latest buzzword when it comes to careers websites- and for good reason, as it allows you to show your candidates jobs and content related to their browsing history on your website. Not only will this mean they’re more likely to apply for jobs- especially if you’re showing them related vacancies- but it means that they’ll be more likely to come back to your site for more later on, thanks to your great user experience.


Every day, 45% of job seekers hunt for jobs on their mobile phones. This number is likely to rise. What are you doing about it?

What you need is a careers website that makes it easy for people to browse for jobs, regardless of whether they’re browsing on their mobile phones, tablets or desktop computers. By scaling your site, you’ll be optimising your user experience, making things easy for your browsers, and therefore snapping up all those potential job applications that might otherwise go to your competitors.

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